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It’s Time
to Party!

Let Clarice Schillinger 

Make Your Underage Party a Success!


Why Should You Hire
Clarice Schillinger?

I'm a failed Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania and anti-woke “parental rights” crusader. I've said many times that Donald Trump is sharp as a tack.

I've devoted my life to public service and am a strong supporter and member of Moms For Liberty. So naturally I'm facing multiple criminal charges after allegedly furnishing my 17-year-old daughter’s friends with alcohol and punching one of them in the face when the freaked-out teen tried to leave.

It was the second time in five days that cops had been called to my home in the Philadelphia suburb of Doylestown. There were roughly 20 minors at the “underage drinking party,” some as young as 15!

I not only provided the alcoholic beverages, but poured shots and drank along with the minors, even participating in drinking games.  And I can do the same for YOUR underage party!



No matter what kind of underage party you’re planning, I can make it happen.

I’ll handle everything - from the booze, fighting, swearing, and more!

Get Kids Drunk

Punch Kids In Face

Teach Kids Failure

"We were pressed for time and my stupid parents cancelled their vacation. Clarice Schillinger not only rented out her basement, but gave us a killer alibi! Thanks, Clarice!"

Paul, 14

"Clarice punched me in the fucking face then did 17 shots with 6 boys in the backroom."

Marcus, 17

"Not only did Clarice provide a secret spot to have our underage drinking party, but her friend Bridgette Ziegler came over and filmed a threesome! Thanks Moms For Liberty!!!"

Rachel, 15

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